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Letter from Brad Lund to Chairman Nadler of House Judiciary Committee
Letter from Brad Lund to MSK
I am writing to demand that you refrain from using the trust funds of which I am the named beneficiary, Sharon D. Lund Residuary Trust fbo Bradford D. Lund, to pay any legal fees to Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp ("MSK") relating directly or indirectly to your opposition to my peremptory challenge for Judge Suzuki to be replaced by another judge to hear names cases relating to me.
Request for Immediate Stay
Petition for Instructions
Civil Rights Federal Case – Filed Against Judge Cowan
This case involves the Plaintiff, Bradford D. Lund (“Mr. Lund”), the grandson of entertainment tycoon Walt Disney.  For the past decade, Mr. Lund has been entrapped in the probate division of the Los Angeles County Superior Court fighting against hostile trustees to receive his beneficiary distributions from his trusts.  As one of their tactics to keep Mr. Lund from receiving his trust distributions, Mr. Lund’s hostile trustees, in concert with certain of Mr. Lund’s estranged family members, alleged that he was incapacitated and needed a guardianship and conservatorship.  After seven years of fighting that battle in the Arizona courts, and after a 10-day bench trial, Mr. Lund was victorious in all respects and was found to have capacity, resulting in a dismissal of that case.  The disgruntled estranged family members appealed the case and the Arizona appellate court unanimously affirmed the trial court’s decision.  The Arizona Supreme Court refused review, and a final Arizona judgment was filed in August, 2016.  Additionally, another California Superior Court judge found that Bradford Lund had capacity to choose successor trustees for one of his other trusts after similar allegations were previously made by 
Mr. Lund’s hostile trustees.  In the face of these specific findings and the decade long history of litigation without any guardian ad litem, and without notice or any hearing, the Hon. David J. Cowan, on his own sua sponte Order to Show Cause, appointed a 20 limited purpose guardian ad litem over Mr. Lund without any evidentiary hearing or notice.  In so doing, Judge Cowan refused to take judicial notice of the Arizona decision in the form of either judicial comity or full faith and credit.
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