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Disney Grandson Bradford Lund Demands "Hostile" Trustees Not Pay Legal Fees to Their Law Firm From His Trust Funds
Walt Disney's grandson, Bradford D. Lund, today sent a letter to his four trustees – L. Andrew Gifford, Robert L. Wilson, Douglas M. Strode, and the First Republic Trust Company (collectively "the Trustees") – demanding that they refrain from using any trust funds for which he is the beneficiary to pay any legal fees to the Trustees' law firm Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp ("MSK").
Bradford Lund, Grandson of Walt Disney, and Step-Mother Sherry Lund Call On Judicial Commission to Remove Superior Court Judge David J. Cowan from Bench for Alleged “Multiple” Violations of Judicial Canons of Ethics
Leading attorneys sign letter asking for removal of Judge Cowan, citing Judge Cowan’s evident bias favoring “hostile trustees” who have “conspired” against Mr. Lund and his step-mother, Sherry Lund, ignoring court decisions in Mr. Lund’s favor in Arizona and California

Representatives of #FreeBritney movement express support for Mr. Lund’s cause
Grandson Of Walt Disney, Brad Lund, Asks Ninth Circuit For His Day In Court, Stating That Sitting Judge Made False Assertion Of Disability, Depriving Lund Of His Civil And Anti-Discrimination Rights
Brad Lund, grandson of the late Walt Disney, filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, asking the panel to reverse the lower court's decision to dismiss a civil rights and anti-disabilities discrimination suit filed against Los Angeles County Probate Court Judge David J. Cowan and the Los Angeles County, California Superior Court system. Lund asserted in his federal court complaint that Judge Cowan violated his civil rights under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Bradford Lund, Grandson of Walt Disney, Alleges He Was Forced To File Wyoming Lawsuit To Stop Hostile Trustees From Selling Ranch That Has Been In His Family For 40 Years Without Lund's Consent
Bradford Lund, grandson of the late Walt Disney, today announced a new complaint filed in the Wyoming District Court in Teton County against what he called "hostile" Trustees of the estate of his mother Sharon Lund for allegedly selling his beloved Wyoming ranch, "Eagle South Fork," without his consent, contrary to his interests, and in violation of their agreement with the trustees and Mr. Lund's twin sister, Michelle – according to Mr. Lund's legal advisor, Lanny Davis.
Grandson Of The Late Walt Disney, Bradford Lund, Alleges Conduct Of Former Opposing Lawyer Was Like "Noxious Chemicals," In Arizona Litigation Filed Against Bryan Murphy
Bradford Lund, grandson of the late Walt Disney, recently, through his counsel, participated in oral argument to the Arizona Appellate Court following briefing where he is seeking to overturn the dismissal of a lawsuit against Arizona attorney Bryan Murphy, and his firm. Lund's lawyer argued that Murphy should not be allowed to escape liability on a "statute of limitations" argument that didn't apply to this case.
Bradford Lund, Grandson Of The Late Walt Disney, Calls Trustees' Repeated Attacks On Him And His Family "Reminiscent Of The Propaganda Technique: 'The Big Lie'"
Bradford Lund, grandson of the late Walt Disney, today announced the filing of his objection to a settlement of the litigation over his inheritance of the estate of his mother Sharon Lund, daughter of Walt Disney, that is being proposed by the Trustees of his inheritance. Lund, pointing to findings of competence by two separate courts, tells the Court that the Trustees have no right to force him into a settlement agreement that he does not want to sign, according to Lanny Davis, legal advisor to Mr. Lund, and according to court papers filed in the Los Angeles probate court.
Walt Disney Grandson Bradford Lund Files Complaint with California Judicial Council Against California Judge David J. Cowan Seeking Monetary Damages for Alleged Illegal Discrimination Under the U.S. Americans with Disabilities and Rehabilitation Acts
The complaint filed by internationally-renowned law firm, Akin Gump, alleges Judge David Cowan made provably false assertions in open court about Lund having a mental disability - yet when presented with DNA test evidence proving the falsity of his claim, he refused counsel's request to take down the false assertion. "In California, even judges are not above the law," said Lund counsel Lanny J. Davis
Lanny Davis, Attorney to Bradford Lund, Grandson of Walt Disney, Joins Arizona Litigation Against Lund's Former Attorney, Jeffrey Shumway Who Is Alleged To Have Charged Lund Over One Million Dollars Only To Secretly Betray Him
The counterclaim alleges that instead of advocating for Lund, Shumway conspired against him in a scheme secretly drafting proposed legal documents that, if successful, would have resulted in the appointment of a special conservatorship. "In my 40+ years as a litigator, if these allegations are true, this is the most shocking example of a lawyer betraying his client - and then billing him for it!"
Bradford Lund, Walt Disney's Grandson Wants To Have His Day In Court, After California Supreme Court Denies His Petition To Review
Below is a statement by Lanny J. Davis, legal advisor to Bradford Lund. With all due respect, the California Supreme Court's recent decision to summarily deny Bradford Lund's request to appeal the decision by Los Angeles County Probate Court Judge David J. Cowan that denied him his due process rights is most disappointing and hard to understand. And it has troubling legal implications far beyond this case and the state of California. Here are three indisputable facts that the California Supreme Court, in its one sentence denial of review, did not address:
Attorney Lanny Davis welcomes Spectrum Institute's support for Walt Disney grandson's right to appeal order by probate judge that he says violated his due process rights
The Spectrum Institute, a preeminent nonprofit organization focused in part on probate court reform has filed an "amicus" letter to the California Supreme Court in support of the grandson of the late Walt Disney, Bradford D. Lund. Spectrum supported Lund's counsel's separate petition to the high court, asking for the "right to appeal" a probate court's ruling as a final order that allegedly violated his due process rights, including the right to be represented by his own counsel and to get a fair trial on his inheritance rights and related claims against his Trustees.
Walt Disney Grandson, Brad Lund, sues California Superior Court Judge David J. Cowan and entire Los Angeles County Superior Court for multiple violations of Civil Rights Act, anti-discrimination federal law
During national telephonic press conference, attorney Lanny J. Davis, quoting complaint, alleges that probate court's action "is all too reminiscent of a perspective where facts do not matter but alternative facts do, where the constitution does not matter…" Grandson Lund also calls upon Disney Company to extend pay, family support services beyond company's announced cut-off date of March 31, 2020.
Attorney Lanny Davis to Hold Telephonic Press Conference to Announce Walt Disney Grandson, Brad Lund, Sues California Superior Court Judge David J. Cowan and entire Los Angeles Superior Court for Multiple Violations of Federal Civil Rights Act and Anti-Discrimination Laws
Davis Audio Press Conference: 11:00 am PDT/2:00 pm EDT Wednesday, March 25
Bradford Lund, Grand-Son of Walt Disney, Asks California Probate Court to Follow California Court Rules and Allow Telephonic Appearances
Attorneys for Bradford D. Lund filed a motion in the probate court requesting that the Court adhere to California Rules of Court and allow telephonic appearances in litigation involving the estate of Walt Disney. The motion states that Mr. Lund has had ongoing litigation in the Los Angeles probate court for over a decade, has never been denied a court call, and has appeared at most of the hearings. This motion comes after the Court ordered in December 2019, without explanation, to prohibit telephonic appearances in these proceedings. Additionally, on February 27, 2020, Mr. Lund filed a federal civil rights case in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against Judge David Cowan for alleged violation of Mr. Lund's constitutional due process rights in the appointment of a limited guardian ad lit em.
Bradford Lund, Grand-Son of Walt Disney, Seeks Removal of Court-Appointed Limited Guardian Ad Litem in Probate Proceeding Because of Alleged Secret Meeting
Attorneys for Mr. Lund have now filed a motion in the probate court seeking to remove the limited guardian ad litem (GAL) appointed by the court to represent Mr. Lund in litigation involving the estate of Walt Disney. This GAL was appointed over Mr. Lund's objection and is now accused of violating her fiduciary duties to Mr. Lund by holding secret meetings with the trustees without Mr. Lund's knowledge or consent or the knowledge and consent of his counsel.
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